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Our Workflow

Throughout our twenty years of building digital projects, world-wide, we've came up with a work flow that's proven to work. This workflow ensures quality & efficiency. All projects build by us and put through this specific process so we can ensure nothing's missed & everything's up to par with our standards, while keeping constant communcation with our clients.



Our Homework.






Discovery & Design


We have This phase is completely about communication & collaboration between us and the client, you. We work alongside our client to define the website's best creative strategy. In this phase, we also establish the entire plan, including a list of the site feastures and a timeline, to ensure teh project meets expectations.




Since our homework is completed, we create the overall design which is sent to the client for reviewal. Once the client gives the go-ahead, we class the design process as complete. We custom-code certain feasures and set up back-end management. In addition, we prepare the site to work seamlessly on all browsers and devices.



Make It Happen!





Test Everything.






User Testing & Quality Assurance (QA)


Every project that we make gets sent through our strict QA process to enture your site performs flawlessly. We review every aspect in this phase. Loading times, design, etc.








The day you've been waiting for as a client. Launch day. We simply migrate your site from our development servers to the live. Once the site is launched, we provide torough training if needs be, for any back-end feastures.







Take Off!





The Future.



SEO - Growth &  Support

Unlike many companies, fortunuately our relationship with the clients doesn't end the day their site launches. We're a long-term partner and strive to aid our clients in growing further into the digital world. We'll manage hosting & support, so you don't have to sit and maintain your website.